Literally (no, not literally) screaming that my last post was August 2020. What. A whole pandemic and I posted nothing – nothing! Was I at least active on social media? Another writing site? Does Twitter count? (No, it does not.)

I’m back. I’m going to write. I have so much free time now that I’m working 10-12 hour days, training for big gravel events, and chasing an MBA. Kids. Old house. A Jeep. Free time. TONS.

Example? It’s 4pm on a vacation day but instead of taking vacation, I worked. And now I’m late for a bike ride! Hours late! Just a few more words about upcoming topics.

Firstly, I’m worried that I’m getting dumber. Is it a bit of imposter syndrome from hanging around other grad students who (are 25 years younger and) have already accomplished SO MUCH and also ALL KNOW SQL? I need to know SQL. If I could just have that uploaded, I think all of the Analytics & Data Visualization homework would go so much more smoothly?

Secondly, I like to talk about bikes. My current project is the Omaha Jackrabbit gravel race, which I get to plan this year. Excite! Much excite! I’d like to hear from folks who don’t traditionally race gravel and learn how to create an event that welcomes them. I also want to get back to writing gear reviews. That was fun! Another casualty of imposter syndrome and the pandemic . . . .

Like my new favorite “anything is better than nothing” exercise plan, I’m just going to write. Commitment to consistency over quality, at this point. Quality will return.