7 States in 13 hours

…and Arkansas should count twice.
Oh my, I had no idea Highway 71 in AR would be so (this is a family blog, so let’s say) ah, frustrating. Every turn in the road brought a new speed limit and in NW Arkansas, there are a LOT of turns in the road. I didn’t see a speed limit sign above 55mph for about 8 hours. The few long straight stretches that were four lanes, divided by a wide grassy median? 45. With about 8 Staties waiting to grab yeh. I’ve driven in Arkansas before, so I know better than to speed in the low-mph areas. Especially with Nebraska plates.
Ach, we made it through to the land of Waffle House and Whataburger (YESSS!!!) and — physically — this was our toughest day. We made our amitious goal of Shreveport. The drives all get easier from here on. Only 8 hours tomorrow to Pensacola.*

The kids, though they raised their eyebrows at the first mention of the word “blog,” are starting to get interested. Both Henry and Jack said they have today’s blogs in their heads. Noah (4) already told us what his will say. Quote: Armpit chicken broth.

Yeah. He’s a funny kid.

We’ll get the kid blogs going v. soon, along with some pictures, but it’s 1 AM and I have totally earned this cold Dos Equis, so, signing off.

*Tomorrow, before we hit the road for Pensacola, we’ll enjoy a nice hot breakfast, a dip in the pool, and a visit to the highest point in Louisiana, Mt. Driskill, which is just about an hour east of Shreveport (near Acadia). Louisiana, you are on my mind today. NPR was interviewing business owners in Grand Isle…. More on that later.

PS, since I know you want to know, in that 13 hours today we drove in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana.

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