Welp, a break and brief set-back in the training while I go back to New York for the ongoing reconstruction & revision surgery process following 2016’s mastectomy.  Did you know 88% of women need more than one reconstruction surgery?  And 65% need more than two? And 39% need four or more? If you know multiple women who have had reconstruction surgery, it’s probably no surprise. If you don’t, consider this your public service announcement!

I am hoping to heal quickly and be on a stationary bike for easy miles shortly after surgery, but there’s no timeline — no more races this year.  I have until January to decide whether or not to sign up for big races & rides.  Oh except Dirty Kanza, I’m committed to that camp (April) and that race (June).  Oh and also Ride the 5 Boros in May, LOL.  And Gravel Worlds in August.  I mean… of course THOSE.  : )

As soon as I’m cleared to work a little harder, I look forward to starting the 12-week DK training package I bought and using a fun & functional cycling training workbook. I am not getting on a scale today — I know it’s BAD.  I did abuse a measuring tape & record circumferences of arm, waist, hips — and HOLY SHIT it’s the worst it’s ever been not including pregnancy. My plan is to get through this surgery, get healed, and slowly and methodically get fit. Whole30 (or, for me, “Whole almost 14”) was a nice kickstarter. Pain makes it tough.  All of the medication I’m on makes it tough, but I’ll just have to be tougher. One healthy meal, one pedal revolution at a time.

Our friends-group ski trip is coming up soon, and while the state of my knee may not allow downhill skiing, all looks okay to cross-country ski or snowshoe maybe? Still rehabbing the knee, elbow, foot, face. Oh I, um, harvested? two tiny fresh pieces of gravel from my chin yesterday. Startling, but strangely satisfying.  Still have a few pieces in my chin and upper lip and I don’t care? I feel like I’m carrying them around for a reason right now and they’ll work their way out if and when it’s time? I KNOW I’M SO WEIRD.

It looks like the next several weeks need to a time of rest and healing for a lot of things, physical, emotional, social. Like I said on the caringbridge site:  October is hard, but I have a lot of people on my team (Hi team!) and I know what I need to do. I mean, as long as that thing includes riding bikes.

Thank you to my friends & family, especially my mom & sister who will be watching over the Omaha kith & kin, and to Dad who continues to so lovingly care for our touchstone, Grandma Z.

PS: The title NY-Bound is only funny if you know that after each of these abdominal / breast reconstruction surgeries, I’m in an actual, physical binder for another six months. Get it? Hilarzzz….

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