Wow, first post of the year? I’ve been holding things in a WHILE.

I made the cardinal sin of cross-posting on another blog site but referring to this one when I didn’t have a current essay, OH MY.

Let’s get this party started.

“Nuts!” is the title because the last post was called “Nats!” and “soup to nuts” is the kind of stuff I write about and because if I were biologically male, we’d be talking about testicles. HOLY COW, you say, is this THAT KIND OF BLOG TODAY?

Well this is not a delicate place, mis amigos. It’s gritty. I am La Grinta (it says so on my T-shirt) and we are going to get dirty.

Starting from ground zero — from the cellar of the sub-sub-basement of the lowest building at ground zero, I am going to finish a 200 mile gravel race and you are coming along with me.

I won’t shy away from uncomfortable subjects, like surgical procedures on female genitalia or sock height.

I will promise to encourage all comers, to address legitimate, on-topic questions, and if I don’t know something I promise I won’t pretend that I do.

Because Blogger is so cumbersome, I’ve been leaning hard to move to WordPress, but I am the least technological person you know, unless you also know my dad. To be fair, he once rebuilt a carburetor with only a few parts left over, so I think we’re even. If and when that move happens, hopefully it will be the last move for awhile.

Some of you are joining me from CaringBridge – welcome! And some wander across various sites and land here by happenstance and some will be arriving from other links dropped in various places. Welcome.

I’ve not promoted the blog at all, so it’s low on traffic and we probably all know each other. Just letting you know that going forward, folks reading & commenting might not all be folks we know personally. If you ever read something in the comment section that is abusive, threatening, or offensive to any protected or vulnerable person, let me know and I will remove it and follow up immediately. I don’t monitor things 24/7 so please don’t assume that because I haven’t removed something that I condone it. Let me know.

TO BEGIN – well to begin, I think I’ll investigate why my perfect bike ride fuel – 1/2 toasted everything bagel + schmear + scrambled egg, red onion, red bell pepper smells and tastes like old fish. It really shouldn’t. I’m eating it anyway? I probably oughtn’t.


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