Sometimes I just need to get things down and a blog post becomes more of a listing, and that’s not what I want. Until I get a bunch of texts asking for an update and I just need to… update.

Sometimes I need to rage and cry and vent and it vomits all over a page and then I’ve vomited on YOU (but I feel better). (Thank you.)

Sometimes I want to share something that moved me, touched my heart and made it sing.

This post is just ONE of those things. (Relax, it’s not the vomiting! The vomiting I did in the last post. Urp. Sorry.) It’s a knee update and the GOOD news is it’s not super exciting: my knee is better. The MRI showed that the July 2018 injuries are as expected. The PCL is as healed as it gets (scar tissue), the MCL is healed. New problems include a torn meniscus and accelerated grinding of the femur in the groove of the tibia (and arthritis). I asked if these issues were made more possible by not having the PCL to keep the knee in more stable movement and he said yes, though it isn’t 100% cause: effect. Age, weight, etc. His recommendation was a cortisone shot and PT for 3 months and then we re-evaluate. The best news: he said take it easy this weekend and after that, I’m cleared to ride! I was up front about current level of training and the upcoming gravel century and I have permission to “pound it!” The decision is made: I will purify myself next weekend in the red dirt of Stillwater, Oklahoma. YEAH.

Land Run 100, March 2019


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