Ack! I mean HELLO

If you’ve found this blog fairly recently and are wondering what the hell is up, join the club, because I have no idea. It’s supposed to be about getting out there and making things happen which for me usually means I’m talking about bicycles. Aaaand sometimes I’m not.

I had a friend once who reveled in posting lists. Lists for the point of lists, lists to avoid heavy exposition, lists for laziness?I’ve no idea if he’s still blogging and wonder if he saw the term “listicle” coined and thought, “OMG IT ME.”

Listicles are articles that are 90% one or more bullet-pointed lists. Great if you’re seeking specific information and you’re short on time, like, for example, “Top tips when changing a bike tube,” but really, who are we paying for “CLICK HERE for 5 Secryts to Happyness” and getting 5 line items ordering us to be grateful?

I’m always tempted to do a list.

OH right I was going to say hi to the new folks. Hiiii. My comment section doesn’t work. I’m … working on it.

While I’m very good with data and spreadsheets and systemic problem identification, I’m remarkably terrible with overall tech. I greatly prefer making my daughter figure out how to get Netflix to show on the television, for example, or reboot the router, or something-something-in the cloud-somethingelse.

Me, a list: I ride bikes, though I’ve never come back to pre-cancer mileage. I enjoy public speaking, though memory difficulties and other triggers can make it a challenge. I blame chemo and PTSD. I used to cherish hiking and backpacking, though that’s impossible right now. Yes, I’d say I’m still in some sort of transition.

Questions, a list: What would make a person want to read a blog – to subscribe, as it were, to one person’s yawps out into the void?

Why do I continue to read the writers I read? I identify with the writer or character, I find humor, I am prodded to ask questions, I’m given answers. Pretty much any of those.

I’m in a lot of pain every day. I try and fail not to talk about it, but it consumes every minute and becomes something I must plan around. Even though I know it’s essentially constant, I’ve been known to openly defy it and not wear my binder and wow, sometimes it still surprises me, how dumb it is to tell pain to fuck off for a day. (Pain declines to acquiesce.)

What would be great is if other people who are frustrated or in pain or just want to start riding bikes from a new place in their lives — if those folks found some sort of alliance or hope in what I write. I don’t keep going day by day because I’m better than anyone else. I’m SUUUUPer not. I am stubborn though, dogged. I am vain. And sometimes that’s enough to keep me pedaling to that finish line. You can too.

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