Change is Good

This update is simply to advise that MAN, I MISS MY BIKE wait no – I’m not posting a ride report but I HAVE BEEN IN NEW YORK 3 WEEKS AND HAVEN’T EVEN SAT ON A BIKE – but it’s not, like, a problem or anything, I mean, I can stop WHERE IS THE BIKE GIVE ME THE BIKE anytime and yes, it’s 40 degrees and raining and I don’t really have a good route other than tooling around Brenda and Charlie’s neighborhood YES TOOLING AROUND A NEIGHBORHOOD IS GOOD AND YOU BROUGHT YOUR RAINCOAT SO ????

Oh, aren’t our inner voices lovely?

But seriously. This post is notice that I’m moving the blog to WordPress in the next 24 hours, YES FINALLY. Once it’s complete, I will update here on Blogger with a redirect link.

Upcoming: a bar tape review, including installation, because guess what? I’ve never wrapped my own handlebars. Can’t wait ! Will there be video?  Hmm… why not?

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